An original gift, Marcus the dancing cactus.

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and you don't yet know what to give your child? If you are looking for an original gift, Marcus the Cactus™ is an ingenious idea. Indeed, it is a cactus that sings, dances and repeats . This dancing cactus is so much fun to please little ones.

A cactus that talks and repeats

The Marcus the Cactus™ brand offers this talking toy to make children smile. Indeed, this talking cactus is capable of repeating everything your child says . It features interactive repeat technology.

Not only fun , this repeating cactus allows your child to learn to speak. This educational toy thus develops the child's concentration and cognitive abilities. Moreover, the toy can reproduce several languages.

A cactus that sings

Not only does this cactus speak and repeat , but it can also sing . In fact, he has a repertoire of more than 120 songs . Children and adults alike will never tire of repeating songs. Even if your child plays with this cactus for hours, he or she will still be excited to hear a new song. Additionally, there are songs in foreign languages . The day won't be over soon!

To expand the repertoire of this singing cactus , manufacturers have equipped it with a voice memo function . That said, you can record sound by long-pressing the left button.

A dancing cactus

To top it all off, this cactus, which repeats and sings, also dances . To each music, there is a unique dance. There is enough to keep your child occupied for a few moments. So you can quietly do another task while he plays.

By singing and dancing, this cactus will allow your child to laugh and have fun during Christmas evening. The incredible hip swing of the toy is a lot of fun.

A cactus that lights up

To always keep your little one's attention on the toy, it lights up to the rhythm of the music. This looks very nice with the lights on the Christmas tree garlands. By purchasing more than one cactus, the scene will be even more incredible. You can even take a video of it to share on social media using #Marcuslecactus.

A cactus that is sweet

A child often needs a best friend to cuddle or talk to. Indeed, this dancing cactus can become his best friend over time . Very soft to the touch, this dancing cactus will not cause any itching on the child's skin. So he can cuddle her without any problem.

Despite its rough appearance, it can be a comforter for the child. In addition, holding the CE standard , this cactus does not contain any material that is dangerous for your little one.

A cactus that is easy to use

This repeating, dancing, singing cactus is simple to use. In fact, you just have to turn it on for it to work. Just make sure this Christmas toy is fully charged before activating it. If not, simply recharge it with the charger provided in the package.

To make your life easier, Marcus the dancing cactus can be delivered anywhere in Europe. Delivery times are fast. You even have 10 days to change your mind, if there is a problem.

Furthermore, with its compact size , this toy is not bulky . You can easily store it in a closet or on a shelf when the game is over.