My story 🌵

🌵 Our History, by Marcus the Cactus 🌵

Hi friends ! I'm Marcus, the funniest, most dancing cactus you'll ever meet! 🎶 Let me tell you how I left the sunny deserts of Mexico to join your warm homes in France and reveal my superpowers!

🌟 Where I come from 🌟

My adventure began under the scorching Mexican sun, where I pushed quietly, humming desert melodies. But I felt a little alone, I dreamed of adventures and meeting friends with whom I could share my wild songs and dances!

✈️ My trip to France ✈️

One day, a wind of adventure blew over me, and here I am on my way to France! It was a long trip, but I was excited to meet lots of new people and above all, to discover a whole new world!

🎤 Discovery of my superpowers 🎤

Arriving in France, an incredible surprise awaited me: I discovered that I could sing, dance, and even repeat everything that was said to me! It was like I had unlocked hidden superpowers. I was a magical cactus, ready to bring joy and laughter to every home!

🏠 Find a family 🏠

Little by little, I found my place in more than 26,000 homes. Children love me for my funny dances, animals for my soothing melodies, and even adults for my practical voice messages!

🌈 My mission 🌈

Today, my mission is to bring you happiness, laughter, and a bit of the magic of the Mexican desert. Whether it's for a hug, a dance, or to keep a little secret, I'm here for you!

So, are you ready for adventure with your new companion, Marcus the Cactus ? 🌵