FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(PS: If you don't find what you're looking for here, call the chat bot at the bottom right of the screen, it will be there to answer your questions! 🌵)

What are the shipping times?

We prepare your order in 1-2 days, then allow approximately 7 days to receive it at your home.

Is cactus safe for kids?

Absolutely ! Compliant with the CE standard, Marcus is a safe toy for your little ones.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yep, we send our cacti all over the planet! except when the dom-toms...

Why is the promotion “1 cactus bought, 1 cactus at -50%” not an exact 50% reduction?

It's simple, the reduction applies to the base price of €29.99 and €34.99 for the 2nd cactus.

Where does your product come from?

Our team is in Martigues, France, and our international warehouse is in China.

Tracking information, how does it work?

Check your emails (and your spam!) 1-2 days after ordering, the tracking information will be there!

Something is missing from my order, why?

Don't panic, our products can arrive separately. Rest of order on the way!

I received a damaged item, what should I do?

Oh no ! Send us a photo to contact@marcuslecactus.com , we'll take care of the rest.

Where is Marcus the Cactus?

In the pretty town of Martigues, France.

My order is waiting, why?

Sorry for the delay ! International shipments can sometimes take time. Track your package online or contact us at contact@marcuslecactus.com .

Refund policy, what's the deal?

You have 10 days after purchase to request a refund if your product is not on sale. More information on our policy here.

Late or missing refund?

Check your account and contact your bank. If still nothing, ping us at contact@marcuslecactus.com .

Exchanges and returns, how does it work?

If Marcus arrives damaged, return it for an exchange to: Post Office, All. Nicéphore Niépce, 13500 Martigues, France.

Was it a gift?

You will receive a gift certificate if the item returned was a gift. Otherwise, the refund goes to the person who gave the gift.

Need to return something?

Send it to: 38 Boulevard Camille Pelletan, 13500 Martigues, France.